Tips and Tricks- Fungus Gnat Edition

Fungus Gnats are these super annoying little bugs that come from anywhere where it is moist enough for fungus to grow, but especially in the soil of over-watered houseplants. The little bugs don’t do enough to cause real damage unless you’re having a massive infestation, but man are they annoying! Let’s talk about the options we have to get rid of them and have them stay gone.

First things first….the best way to keep Fungus gnats from invading your home is to not over water your plants! Believe me I know that is sometimes hard to do and you can be over-watering without even realizing it… I know I have fallen victim to that forsure! 

Option 1- This is probably my least favorite option, not because it doesn’t work, but because I am not a patient person. The first option to get rid of fungus gnats is to do nothing. Let your houseplant’s spoil dry and they will eventually die off because of their short life cycle and with no moisture in your plants soil there won’t be any babies. This really does work, but as I mentioned patience is not my virtue so if I use option 1 I do so in conjunction with one of the other options I am about to provide you. 

Option 2- The Second option are these super cute and handy sticky traps! The way they work is you take off the film on the outside of the traps and place them into the pot of the plants you think are suffering from the gnats. Then, when the gnats hit the trap the sticky residue makes them unable to leave, HAHAHA! This is a great option for visual people because you can see the traps work as all the gnats get stuck. This opinion along with option 1 are my go to’s as they are both minimal, but effective.  The ones I use are from an amazon seller and are great! I’ve included some pictures below of them working in my own home and also the link to purchase them will be below as well. 

Option 3- The third option is to mix hydrogen peroxide with your normal FILTERED or RAIN WATER when watering your plants. The hydrogen peroxide kills all the eggs and larva of the fungus gnats in the soil of your plant and BONUS it’s also a fertilizer! The water should be mixed with the hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 4 parts water to one part hydrogen peroxide. IF you put more hydrogen peroxide it could damage the roots of your plant. 

I’ve found that while fungus gnats are annoying little buggers they aren’t the worst thing in the world and there are some simple/cheap solutions to getting rid of them. I’ve had the best luck with using the a mixture of the options above and trying to make sure prevention is at the forefront of my mind.

Link for the sticky traps on Amazon-

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